our_teamWe have assembled a top notch team of experts (Some of them our actual coaching students) that includes some of the top Amazon and eBay sellers, Online Marketers, Software Developers, Authors, eBay Education Specialists,  Personal & Business Development Coaches. Along with our world class customer support staff that is 100% committed to your business and helping you bring your business & life goals to fruition.

“If you want to be successful Surround yourself with other people who are successful.”

Nathan Bailey Director Of Coaching, Business Development – Nathan has been selling on eBay since 1997, Amazon seller since 2007 and also brings 20 years in Business consulting, 18+ years web site development, deployment & marketing experience to our team.

Since 1995 he has developed numerous successful web sites and has a genuine concern for helping people and producing successful results for his clients and affiliates. Nathan is the owner and CEO of Creative Media Consulting Inc. which is a full service Marketing Firm that he founded in 2001 that was started with no out of pocket money and has gone on to do millions of dollars in sales and revenue.

Nathan has done business consulting and coaching for the last 20 years for master marketers such as , Skip McGrath and renowned online selling and marketing expert Jim Cockrum . Provided training with Chris Green, Andy Dew, Barrington McIntosh, Bob Wiley, Kat Simpson, Danni Ackerman,  Outsourcing expert John Jonas. Nathan has also been commended with his leadership experience working with personal development experts from Nightingale-Conant Publishing and organizational behavior expert Stephen R. Covey, Real Estate legend Ron LeGrand, Marketing expert’s Tim Gross, Jay Abraham, Dan Kennedy- Michael Kimble, and many other published authors and experts.

Over the years he has established his reputation as leader in the field and a guy that makes things happen and has a strong passion for the mission of helping real people get real results online. Let Nathan and his group of business consultants customize a tailored solution that will be right for you and your new or existing online business.

Today Nathan focuses his time on being a Husband and a Father raising 2 children (Ryan and Connor) with his wife Karen in the beautiful mountain’s of Utah while creating proven coaching modules and new trainings from his own online selling experience and is very proud and honored to be working closely with Jim Cockrum over the last decade and overseeing the successful results of our coaching clients.

Jim Cooper Chief Operations Officer / Senior Online Selling Executive Director

 Jim was born and raised in Long Beach, California, where he spent fifteen years as a construction plumber. After relocating to Utah, he was introduced to online marketing by Nathan Bailey in 2005.  Jim forever left plumbing behind and has worked at Skip McGrath Coaching as a business consultant for the past eight years and was promoted to Chief Operations Officer in 2012.  Jim has sold on eBay since 2008 and like many, is also a seasoned Amazon FBA seller.

Jim is a people person and enjoys helping others find Internet marketing success.  He enjoys interacting with clients, coaches and marketing experts in the largest, most successful online selling community in the world. Jim has done consulting for Dan Kennedy, Tim Gross, Skip McGrath and many other leaders in the Online Selling/Marketing world.

 Jim lives with his wife and four children in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  In his free time Jim enjoys watching Packer football, hitting rounds at the golf course.

Our Coaching Staff

We have friendly, patient, extremely experienced coaches all over the world that are teaching our clients the most up to date online selling & marketing techniques on selling in all online venues and marketplaces worldwide. Each of our coaches have specialty areas of expertise on Amazon, eBay, Product Sourcing, Website Creation and Internet Marketing and are required to be running a full time business selling online.

Our coaches are real business owners and some are even authors and educators you may have already heard of. But as a strict requirement all of our coaching staff have the practical experience in getting the successful results doing the business you want to learn. Some of our coaches are actual coaching clients of ours that have had massive success going through our program and are good educators and enjoy helping people get incredible results. It is a pure testament to our training when the student becomes the teacher. We are constant learners with a passion for helping people and we have built the largest online selling community in the world. Our coaching program is a long term learning system where we continually provide the most current information and training to keep our clients two steps ahead of the game and the competition. Once you are part of our coaching program we are available for the long term to insure and guarantee longterm continued success.

We have the ability to coach newbie beginners to get their business on its own two feet and also the ability to help advanced sellers take there business to higher and more profitable plateau’s. Each coaching client is unique so we taylor the program to fit the clients needs. This is why one on one coaching works. You must pair yourself and surround yourself with the right team.

We only have enough coaches to take a few students at a time. One of our coaching specialists will conduct a short phone interview to determine if you could benefit from this exciting and limited program and give you quality direction regardless. Call 1-800-578-3449 10am-8pm MST

If you are calling after business hours, just leave a message with a number and a good time to call back.  Remember our guarantee. If you do the work, follow through and stay committed to your business we will keep working with you until you are successful.



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